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December 8, 2009

The Marcus Luttrell Warrior Legacy Ranch

*** UPDATE 03/2010:  The ranch project is no longer associated with the Warrior Legacy Foundation.  It is now being administered by the Lone Survivor Foundation.  Please view this post for more information. ***

Greetings! I promised earlier to post any updates regarding the status of the Sergeant Shelton's Wounded Warrior Ranch Retreat. Well, this morning I was pleased to discover that things at the Ranch are progressing. It now has a new name: the Marcus Luttrell Warrior Legacy Ranch, and operations will be administered by the great and wonderful Warrior Legacy Foundation. Information about the ranch and how you can support its development can be found here.

The design and purpose of the Ranch encompasses Billy Shelton's original concept: to provide mental, physical, and emotional rehabilitation for returning warriors and their families. This is a project that I feel goes a long way to filling a particular void that exists regarding caring for and thanking our veterans for their sacrifices for our country. Located in Leakey, Texas apx. 75 miles west of San Antonio along the Frio River, the Ranch will provide numerous outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and wandering acreage; as well as a camp for children of veterans who have lost limbs, and specialized professional and peer-to-peer counseling. This Ranch will be a healing place; a place to mentally, physically, and spiritually decompress; a place where a warrior can get a warm and sincere "welcome home".

Please visit the Warrior Legacy Foundation to see how you can lend your support to this honorable organization--they do incredible work for our American warriors and their families.  Visit WLF's site for The Marcus Luttrell Warrior Legacy Ranch at to read about it and make a secure, tax-deductable donation.


AirmanMom said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I will return soon to read you again!
Thank you for your service!

Squid Thoughts said...

You are most welcome, AirmanMom. I thank you for your support. (Wow, did anyone else just get a bad Bartle's & Jaymes commercial flashback??) Best wishes to you and your warriors.