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February 8, 2010

**FLASH TRAFFIC** Marcus Luttrell Warrior Legacy Ranch Update

*** UPDATE 03/2010:  The ranch is now being administered by the Lone Survivor Foundation.  Please view this post for further information. ***

In my inbox this morning, from the Warrior Legacy Foundation, regarding changes to the Marcus Luttrell Warrior Legacy Ranch:

Washington DC 08 February 2010

Recently the Board of Directors at the Warrior Legacy Foundation was informed by Marcus Luttrell's business management that they no longer wanted Marcus’ name attached to WLF’s for the "Marcus Luttrell Warrior Legacy Ranch” project.

"Regardless of whose name is attached to the project, Marcus Luttrell will have a world class ranch retreat and we are very proud to have been partnered with him,” said Warrior Legacy Foundation Executive Director David Bellavia. He continued, "At this time we will no longer be sharing a title with Marcus Luttrell on his ranch, we will no longer have any fiduciary responsibility regarding the ranch and WLF will NOT offer a competing ranch product.”

Warrior Legacy Foundation’s Chairman Matt Burden went on to say, "There is far more work out there to be accomplished and even more opportunity for the skill set of this great organization. It is my sincerest desire that Marcus’ ranch not only build a top notch facility, but I envision it to be as unique and special as its namesake.”

All funds donated to: to WLF’s "Marcus Luttrell Warrior Legacy Ranch” up until the account is closed on March 1, 2010, will be sent to the management team of Marcus Luttrell for the explicit purpose of his ranch.

WLF deeply regrets not having had the opportunity to see this project meet its full potential. Stay tuned for continued status reports of the project and where future support can be given to Marcus. Please reach out to with any questions regarding this format change.
I haven't had time to dissect the letter to fully understand its meaning, but it appears as if the Ranch is still going ahead--albeit privately, divorced from the Warrior Legacy Foundation. (NB: I'm trying to withold judgement regarding why the WLF has been removed, there has to be a good reason that's sub rosa)

I truly hope more information will be forthcoming.  I really believe in the goodness and necessity of this project and would hate to see it fade into obscurity because of lack of promotional channels.  I'll post anything that comes through to me so that all of you that land here because of searches relating to the Ranch will have the latest information.